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Our Story

Gwen was the middle of 5 children, born and raised in Saskatchewan. She married a man named Ray Weiss and together they raised 3 girls. Gwen was a stay at home mom and she contributed to the family income through one of her main talents, baking. She had a flair to create and was known for her donuts in town, and provided them to businesses, school events, to individuals for their own events, provided one time purchase and return customer needs. 

Her dream was always to open her own coffee shop that would provide baking, soup, sandwiches and pies, but that dream never came to fruition. Her husband Ray fell ill and she cared for him for years. When he passed, she focused on her family and her dream had to be tabled. 

This is to follow her legacy she wants to leave with her kids, along with her husband Ray's dream of helping those coming out of adversity. You can check out Ray's journey at

Gwennie's donuts will be available summer 2024, with a food truck in 2025 along with 'pop-up' shops in various places come fall 2024. 

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